Ro is such an inspiration! Her encouragement, great support and knowledge of the fitness world is incredible... She has pushed me to reach goals I never dreamt I could reach.

Ro is the greatest trainer I have ever had. She comes up with the most interesting workouts, and I am always excited to see what she has planned when I go to the gym. She really cares about her clients and is a wonderful motivator.

I have never in my life been so motivated to go to the gym as I have been since I started training with Ro & her squad at BBB!

I wish I'd looked into strength training years ago! I've done programs before that weren't for me - I'd had short-term results but then I bounced back after I found them unsustainable.

Without your help I was more than likely a heart attack waiting to happen. I am fitter and healthier in my 40's than I have been since my teens.

I have been training with Rochene for the last 6 months. In that time I have lost almost 20 kgs. Rochene has guided me to a healthy lifestyle and is arming me with the tools necessary to maintain this way of life.

"I came to Rochene with a couple of weight loss goals in mind but her training is now an essential part of my lifestyle."

Knowing I had a great support team, not only in the other girls I trained with, but with Rochene as well, helped me get through the hard times, celebrated the achievements and allowed me to have fun along the way.

With Rochene by my side I've lost 28kgs to date... I know for a fact that she is the best trainer for me!

Rochene's professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and, ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success!

Rochene is incredibly motivated and genuinely cares about you and your progress. Very fortunate to have stumbled into her Private Training sessions.

"Rochene is the best trainer a girl could ask for!! She is very motivating and extremely dedicated to her clients."