Me Against Myself!

I sit down off the back of an awesome training session to try and unravel the thoughts running through my head and put them into writing! I don't even know where to begin! 

The thoughts of a confused Powerlifter in turmoil about whether to compete in her upcoming scheduled comp. Im going to lay it on the line, will probably be a blog of gibberish, may or may not make sense but hey here goes!

With a new year upon us, taking the time to reflect on the year that was and everything and everyone that was involved is a necessity.  The ups, the downs, the positives, the shit times, lessons learned, triumphs achieved..... they are all events that contribute in some way to the past year and how incredible it was!

Last week while I was sitting eating Meal number 4 for the day, the most delicious homemade chili,  overhead a rather thought provoking conversation between a fellow trainer and a new member to the gym. 

Blog 1, where do I start?!

Well here we go!  I'm going to keep this as real as it is.  My life, my journey, my thoughts about all things health and fitness.  Ill say this now in advance; Im sorry for the words I speak when Im hungry.