"Strength training made me realise that I am capable of infinite things and made me stop wanting to be less.  
I am good enough and I now know that."

The inaugural Women's Strength Summit, where do I start...!

The event designed by women, for women, dedicated to educating, empowering and encouraging women to pick up some heavy iron to take charge of their lives and health.

Every day I hear from females telling me things that they WANT and things that they ultimately want to change about themselves.

“I'm not feeling as lean as I was last month”
“I just want to be strong and have more muscle”
“I just want to have less body fat”
When was the last time you looked in the mirror and didn't pick yourself apart.

On Sunday the 23rd of October, 12 of our babes came face to face with their ultimate goals. They fearlessly took on the big numbers, and put it all on the line. All of their hard work and determination has lead to this point, and they left nothing in the tank. Our first Barbell Babes Brigade Lifting Party was an absolute success, with many girls leaving with massive PB's and smiles to match.

Today is Comp day! I am so damn excited! I have barely slept because I have been so excited, been awake on and off since 3am. The same excitement that you feel on christmas morning is surging through me!

5:00am Friday 11th April I wake up in a haste to quickly jump onto the scales to see what my weight is.

52.7kg. Shit 700g over. I have approximately 1.5 hour to drop 700g.

“Okay thank me later but I've gotten off the phone with Robert Wilks and his invited you to the Australian Open Nationals held at the Filex Fitness convetion April 10-12. Keen to drop plan for March 15 and go and do nationals against the best in Australia at 52kg?”