Week 20

“Your baby's eyebrows are growing.” What is it doing with eye brows already?! Why?! *insert blank stare here* Ohhhh thats right because now it has to have something on its face to be able to nail a shocked expression “Your baby may be trying out different facial expressions around now.”

Week 19

My oh my, Week 18 and Week 19 merged into two weeks of super intense brain gains resulting in super intense exhaustion. 


A week full of many thoughts-thoughts about the world that I am bringing my child into. A week recognising the real things we face as women.

There have been some pretty horrific things happen this week that have been so close to home-one particular event I haven't been able to forget.

This baby is ripping me apart from the inside out. Why is this happening to me? I thought I was strong, fit and healthy.

Week 16 has been a “character building” one thats for damn sure.

Lower back pain you can go suck it.

FYI: a “learning person” is a new word for a student.

If baby brain is real thing than ahhhh yup I'm there.

15.5 weeks in and the most relevant words to describe this week: Exhausted. Stupidity.

“Did you actually say do that Ro?!”

The no bullshit blog from the girl that lifts.

How has the first trimester of pregnancy been Ro? - Look, its been pretty shit house actually.

My name is Ro, I am an elite level powerlifter, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Business Owner but more relevant right now, a complete and utter newb at a Mum to be.