"Thankfully Ro was amazing and designed an awesome program that I was confident and comfortable doing  I found a new love for squats while pregnant! It was something I could do throughout the whole pregnancy and it made me feel strong and capable."



Tell us a little about yourself and how you became a Barbell Babe? 

I became a Barbell Babe over a year ago, when I joined the gym, I'd previously been at another gym with another PT and was not getting any results. I originally started as a private client as I was super shy and suffer pretty badly from anxiety (not that you would notice once you get to know me haha). The Barbell Babe training and overall lifestyle really suited me and it wasn't too long before I was joining in on group sessions and loving it!


A new mother of baby Luna, tell us about your active pregnancy? 

Training while pregnant was interesting. I was slightly limited by the fact my body didn't cope well once my heart rate got over about 150 Bpm and it was jumping up to that pretty easily. This made conventional cardio almost impossible as even a slow jog would get my heart rate up. Thankfully Ro was amazing and designed an awesome program that I was confident and comfortable doing. I found a new love for squats while pregnant! It was something I could do throughout the whole pregnancy and it made me feel strong and capable.

I found it really hard during pregnancy, not being able to do certain things as I've always been a moderately active person.  Lifting weight allowed me to gain back control over my body.  Anyone who has been pregnant before will understand where I'm coming from.  Another great thing about working out through pregnancy was how well my body handled the whole thing.  I hardly put on any weight (most of which I lost within a week of Luna being born) and I was able to stay really active until the end.  I was in the gym up to 38 weeks and still walking heaps right up until the day I gave birth.


How has your life changed over the past year since joining the squad? 

Probably the biggest life change I've had since joining the squad is my whole outlook and the way I deal with situations. This year has been a pretty busy, and sometimes emotionally taxing but I've found the way that I deal with stressful situations has changed. I now opt for the healthy alternative whether it be a food choice or the decision to come in and train. Training has played a huge part in helping me deal with anxiety 

Mental illness is something that many of girls experience daily. Mental health awareness is extremely important to us and we are extremely lucky that we can discuss and support our girls together.



Tell us a little about some struggles you deal with? 

So I'm a huge advocate of mental health awareness. Having been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. I'm pretty open about it and always happy to share my experiences as I feel if I can help relate to one person then it's worth it. Anxiety is probably the one that effects me the most in everyday life these day especially as it's social and agoraphobia that I deal with. It's sometimes really difficult to get the motivation to physically get into the gym and train when even the thought of it can induce a panic attack. One thing I've found is I always feel better after the fact if I push through and actually train and I always tell myself it's never as bad as I think it's going to be.


Tell us about the benefits you receive from keeping active? 

Keeping active has played a huge roll in maintaining a happy and positive mental state. When I train I feel strong, and in turn, I feel great. Training has also taught me to love my super strong body! 

What would you say would be your biggest achievement in your health and fitness? 

My biggest achievement is probably learning that I'm capable of some pretty amazing things and understanding that it's my body, perceived flaws and all that has achieved those amazing things. 

How do you juggle raising a new baby and keeping active? 

It's not always easy but keeping active is super important to me so I make time. I'm thankful I have a super supportive network of family and friends that help out. My training routine is not centred solely around the gym. With Ro and Jess's help I've been able to incorporate my program into my day to day life even when getting into the gym is not an option for that day. 

What advice would you offer to anyone that is apprehensive about joining a gym and starting a training routine? Definitely do it.  I won't lie, it's not going to be easy but its 1000 times worth it for all the benefit you'll get out and it's always way less scary then you think it's going to be.  


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