"I slowly developed an obsession with the way that lifting weights made me feel. I became obsessed with the fact I could shape my body! I trained my back, shoulders and legs a lot, mainly following programs I found online. Hypertrophy training made me so happy and gave me reason to go into the gym everyday - because I could see the changes I was working towards.”







5 years ago you would have found Jess in the cardio room, slogging it out on the treadmill with no direction or know how with her training.

It wasn't until Jess tore her ACL playing netball that she discovered the previously untouched weight section.

Needing to get her legs as strong as she could before requiring a knee reconstruction, Jess started to incorporate resistance training into her exercise regime. This is where it all changed for her. 

“After my surgery I continued to lift because of the way it made me feel so much stronger and it changed my body in more ways than cardio ever did!....


Fast forward to today, Jess is one of our Coaches at Barbell Babes Brigade and an aspiring Powerlifter


Training under Strength and Conditioning Coach Ro, Jess has set her sights on competing as a 63kg Powerlifter in 2017.

We asked Jess to give us glimpse into her life and how training has changed for her.


What are you current goals?

Right now my number one goal is strength related. I would like to squat 100kgs, bench 60kgs and deadlift 120kgs! Aside from that, I also want to continue to increase my muscle mass (yay for booty and back gains). Project Get Strong Get Big in full effect!


How has your training changed since becoming a Barbell Babe?

Early this year I decided I wanted to dabble in different sorts of training as I wasn't seeing the results I had hoped for and when I met Ro I was inspired to incorporate strength training into my regime. Fast forward 6 months, I no longer train for aesthetics, and I'm on my second strength program. I've been to small gyms, large body building dominant gyms and even participated in Zumba classes at one point, and the one thing I have learnt is that nothing has made me feel happier and more empowered than lifting has!

Aside from the fact that I now do strength training, my biggest change is that I train to improve the number I'm lifting, not to lower the number on the scale. I enjoy my training so much more knowing that each and every session I train is for a specific purpose and I'm always working toward my goal rather than using a generic "booty building" or body builders program.


Since training with your Coach, what changes have you noticed in your results?

I have increased my muscle mass more in 9 weeks than I did in 6 months, prior to joining BBB! Most importantly though I have increased my deadlift from 100 to 115kgs, and I am able to squat 90kgs without suffering lower back or knee pain! Another result worth noting is that after learning how to correctly engage my glutes they are finally growing the way I always wanted them to.




What do you like the most about training with BBB?


What I like about BBB is that it makes me feel like I AM good enough and I don't have to kill myself training to look like somebody I'm not. Through lifting and a positive environment I am encouraged to be a happier, stronger version of myself!


As a Coach yourself, how you benefit from having your own Coach?

Having a Coach has definitely made me level up big time. No amount of knowledge you have is going to help you when you're in your final set, you're having a shit day and you are really struggling to get out those last 2 reps. I don't over train anymore and I'm being told what is most effective for me. Guidance is so valuable and I want every moment of my training to count. By having my own trainer I can trust that I'm headed in the right direction, I'm not over training throughout the week and somebody is there on those hard days to remind me of what my end goal is when I'm blinded by what I feel is failure.


Share one of your favourite moments since training with BBB

Definitely Week 1 of the 8 Week challenge - the group conditioning circuit. Every single person involved helped to motive and encourage one another, despite being on the verge of an asthma attack haha. It really showed what BBB was about, because it was exercise, it was hard but as a team we all managed to have a laugh when the 30 minutes was over, and we were all lying on the floor drowning in sweat


What gets you through tough training sessions?

Focusing on why I'm training in the first place. I need to remind myself that I'm not going to achieve if I'm not going to work for it. An hour of pain and struggling is nothing compared to how I'll feel in 6 months time if I keep re-setting the same goal because I'm not doing what it takes to achieve it. I am responsible for my own success and you get the results you deserve!


What advice do you have for girls wanting to get into lifting?

Find a trainer to help you out and do it. With the correct advice and tools you will notice a complete change in your life when you start lifting. An increase in strength (in the gym and also making every day life easier), a sense of discipline and routine, positive body composition changes and all round more energy! It's a fun way to change your life

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