Overall Winner of our recent 8 Week Total Body Build Program

Over 7kgs lost, measurements reduced by 40cm, 70mm of body fat shredded and two dress sizes gone!

Meet Rachael Bettiens

Overall Winner of our recent 8 Week Total Body Build Program

Over 7kgs lost, measurements reduced by 40cm, 70mm of body fat shredded and two dress sizes gone!

We spoke to Rach about her experiences with our Program and what its like to be a member of Barbell Babes Brigade! 

As a participant in our recent 8 Week Total Body Build Program, tell us about your experiences over this time?

I started the program with a bit of apprehension - I thought maybe strength focused training would be too full on for me, that I'd fall off the wagon a few weeks in or that I'd get bored if the training was too routine. Well! While it was certainly always challenging I always found myself able to participate at my own level and I was never bored because there were always new sessions, surprises and challenges. I won Babe of the Week one week and honestly couldn't believe it. Then I won the challenge overall and I was just deadset astonished. Ro asked me why I was so surprised because I'd done so well and I had to admit that I'd realised I'd done well and was so happy with my individual results... It was just that I'd also been in awe of the achievements of every other participant too!

What did you most enjoy about your 8 Week Program?

Feeling like I was a part of a strong and supportive network of incredible women! Both trainers and other participants were always so encouraging and I felt like I was always supported. There'd be times during training when I'd be muttering "Nope, nope, nope" under my breath and I'd get someone come along and tell me I could do it... they were always right! So many high fives - We all celebrated each others successes, but were also there with advice when needed too.

On the flip side what did you not enjoy the most about your Program?

Just the burpees and box jumps! Seriously, those things are the worst. And working out macros! Math has never been a strength!

How did you find the support provided to you?

Priceless! Seriously, there was one day where I went brain dead half way through my day at work and I had to text Ro to ask her what I should eat to get a decent serve of protein at lunch - She replied with options! Ro always checked in with me - I was actually super close to pulling out of the challenge prior to Week 1 because I thought it was going to be too much for me to commit to as I had some gnarly personal stuff going on at the time - She talked me through it and convinced me to make myself and both my physical and mental health a priority and I'm so glad that we did.

What challenges did you face during your program and how did you overcome them?

I've had reoccurring issues with my back for years and just as the program was starting I managed to shift a disc in my lower back causing intense pain. It totally knocked me off my feet for a good while so my training suffered and I had to do sessions with an Osteo and try Clinical Pilates instead of hitting up the gym every day like I wanted to be doing! Less than ideal as I wasn't able to lift at all! As I recovered Ro adjusted my training program to take into account my limited capabilities and things became gradually better until in Week 6 I managed to deadlift again!

What results and/or milestones did you achieve over this time?

Daaaaamn, so many. I went from a 1KM run time of 7:40 to managing under 6 mins, and then in Week 8 I did 5:42! I dropped over 7kgs. I went down two dress sizes and one pant size. I can now also see muscle development in my arms and I don't even know what happened to my butt - It's disappeared! When I joined the gym in June I couldn't squat without wobbling and almost falling over - Now I've got coordination and balance and that's magical!

How do you think your approach towards your training has changed since becoming a member of BBB? I've made commitments to myself about what I want to achieve and I've stuck with them.

What is your favourite BBB session and why?

Saturday Morning BOOST- I'm always a sweaty mess by the end of it and a Saturday morning session is a great way to start the weekend right! Being paired up or put in teams for training is always a huge motivator for me too!

2016 is just around the corner, what goals do you have for the new year and how do you plan to chase after these?

To build up my strength and capabilities and to continue to be real about my health and nutrition. Knowing how far I've come in 2015 I know I've got it in me to smash 2016 out of the park. Continuing on with BBB sessions (and PT sessions and coaching where I can) I know I've got a network of support and knowledgeable trainers who have fantastic no bull**** training methods and attitudes... and that combination there will get me where I want to be!

What do you enjoy about strength training?

I had a really bad day recently and was really bloody close to skipping my scheduled BBB Build session because I wasn't sure I was up for it. At the last minute I decided to go, because it could hardly make me feel worse going along and doing a work out. When the session finished I almost wanted to cry - I realised that strength training is so damn important (and I think especially for women) because sometimes you need the reminder that there is strength in you and that you are capable of more than you know. And being in control and so strongly focused on something like lifting - That's almost a holiday from the real world too!

What would you say to any ladies apprehensive about giving strength training a go?

I wish I'd looked into strength training years ago! I've done programs before that weren't for me - I'd had short-term results but then I bounced back after I found them unsustainable. I think women are too often concerned with the amount of space they take up in the world and there's a lot of stuff out there playing to those insecurities. I loved this program because there wasn't a focus on shrinking (though it certainly was a result!). The focus was on building yourself into the best version of yourself. It was about celebrating what your body and mind is capable of, and I think that's a beautiful thing.

Changing the way females train for the better.  We focus on educating our babes on the importance of strength training to not only obtain the physique they are after but to embrace and enjoy feeling strong and confident.  Contact us to become a Babe!

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