It's winter, its cold, the days are grey and the gym is quiet. 

Winter in Melbourne is pretty dire so far. Not gonna lie!

Sitting on the couch winding down from the day I start to think about what the week involved.

I am one week out from my next competition my body is tired and it is ready for a break. I have trained my ass off for the last 6 weeks and my body is certainly telling me that. My body is heavy and sore but boy I am ready to get on that platform again! Coming back form injury the last 9 weeks have been such an eye opener at what the human mind and body can achieve when you drop the bullshit and just get on with it! It all comes down to choices and what outcomes you wish to achieve.


Choices are what determine success or failure. It's as simple as that.


Your goals. What are they?


Actually think about it. Write it down.


Every single day you have choices to make. What time will I get up? Will I sleep that extra 15 minutes longer or not be rushed to get to work? What will I eat for lunch? Will I train today? Will I drink this Friday night? Will I stretch after my workout?


Every single day everything you do is made up of choices.


Your goals require you to make choices. Will you make a choice that is going to positively influence your goals or will you make a choice that is going to make you take a step further back?

There is no right or wrong answer to what choice you make. You rule your own life and that choice is yours to make.

Today you made choices. Were they good ones or not? Do you feel ok with the ones you made?

Whatever choice you make you must then stand by it.


As a Personal Trainer I witness the consequences of others choices every single day.


A client has a successful week working towards their goals because;

  1. They chose to put in the effort to train
  2. They chose to eat foods appropriate to their goals
  3. They chose to take on board the suggestions I offered


A client has a shit week working towards their goals because;

  1. They chose to let work hours become more important than themselves

  2. They had social events on

  3. They weren't motivated enough to train


Both scenarios involve examples where choices had to be made.


Whatever the choices, deal with the consequences. Don't fish around for reasons as to why you didn't get what you want. Stand tall and stand by your choices. You only have yourself to thank for that. “But work made me stay back later” “My car broke down” Scenarios like this may be on your mind and yes clearly they are valid. But the choices you make around these are for you to make. My car broke down so I couldn't get to the gym. Catch a damn bus, train outside or don't train at all. Those are 3 choices, what one you choose is up to you.


Deal with the consequences.


I have one week until my competition and I'm making some choices myself. I am choosing to focus on one thing at a time, get on the platform, give my best performance as a lifter and focus on the numbers as opposed to my body weight. I already no the consequences that will come because I have thought about what choices to make. I know I will probably be a bit shitty at myself about some of them but thats my choice to make and I have no one else to consider but myself. I also know that my choices could result in some really good lifts on the day and I would be ecstatic with myself for that.


Choices. Thats is. Make the right choices for yourself at the time. Be willing to accept the consequences of those choices.


Im already thinking about the big old juicy burger I am going to demolish after I finish competing. I think I'll choose beef.


Trivial choices or not, thats life!


What choices will you make towards your goals today?


Ro x

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