No doubt I imagine many of you have seen various links on your facebook new feeds popping up;

 “10 Tips to start the new year looking and feeling the best you can”

“Goal setting for the new year: your steps to create SMART goals”


“How to create financial freedom this year”


“Summer shred DETOX bullshit, hop skip and a jump to your best version yet.... Ok I might have indulged a little on this one....


If you are reading this and you have posted something similar to the above.....


Yes I am using you as a reference and yes I am taking the piss. Zero shits given at your response. That's what makes the world so great! we are all entitled to our own opinions regardless of what substance is there... keep juicing, keep detoxing, keep finding that financial freedom, keep posting that same bullshit motivational quotes every day. 

With a new year comes mixed feelings of excitement and energy about what we want to achieve this year. I absolutely love the enthusiasm and passion that so many display this time of year. Its a chance for many to reflect on the year gone and look to the possibilities over the next 12 months.


Like so many that have New Years resolutions, so many of these resolutions don't live past January. The die a premature death.




Because just like the premature death of these goals, the thought patterns surrounding these goals were not developed also.


We are all very familiar with the FRAMEWORK of the SMART GOAL;


Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely


Yeah great, theres some cool stuff here but with writing a SMART GOAL we are more focussing on the outcome.  We are not reverse engineering how we will make these goals a reality AND if these goals are actually that valuable and significant to our lives.


What are your personal values?


What do you value most in your life?


What is important to you?



Until we fully understand what we value, that 10kg that you've been trying to lose for 2 years wont happen. That 100kg squat you've been chasing for 12 months will continue to bury you.


“What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?”


Seriously, happy people are successful people!

What would happen if you committed to making sure all areas of your life were working in a harmonious balance? What is journey through life was an enjoyable one that boasted some pretty awesome shit along the way?!






Personal growth




What would happen if you were so satisfied with all areas above and you could honestly say that your life were balanced?


If you could manage your stress better- take regular breaks to recharge your mental and spiritual side-commit to spending an uninterrupted evening with your partner- train regularly at 3x per week-nourished your body with whole foods-go to sleep a happy human.


I urge you to consider your goals in a different light this year.  Those goals that you set yourself that highlight everything you hate about, remove them.  Instead these can be replaced with kick ass outcomes as a result of actions that organically happen as a response to the balance in all areas of your life.


So when you are setting goals this year consider the following;


Honestly and truthfully....


What do I value in life?


What areas of my life are not balanced?


What do I need to do to create a balanced wheel between these different areas?


What actions do I need to take....

Our babes will attend a workshop next Saturday that will begin to focus on understanding their values.  No more goal setting without the groundwork!


Take action, ask people, read, learn and grow.

Coach Ro x



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