“I don't have time to train” “Im too tired from work”.... When I meet a new client, often these types of statements get thrown out in conversation.   

There are 24 hours in one day and throughout that day you are faced to make many choices and decisions.

How will you use your 24 hours in that day. Wisely? Or throw it away?


Your success comes down to how important your goals are to you

I am a personal trainer who runs a successful business that I am extremely proud of. The results that my clients get are earned not by luck but by hard work. Commitment, dedication and investment from both sides. As a personal trainer I can not help but get invested in my clients emotionally. I know what my clients look they when they are grumpy and don't want to train. The look on their faces when they get that milestone we have been working on and the horrid looks they give me when they are in the middle of a session. I learn to know what strengths and weaknesses they have. Their achievements are my achievements, there lows can often be my lows too. 

As a personal trainer and business owner the hours I work are all over the show. 6:00am starts, 9:00pm finishes and anything in between. By the end of the week I am exhausted physically and mentally. Providing a motivating force for me girls every day is tiring but so damn worth it. Knowing that I can be the difference between someone taking a step to make positive choices in their life is pretty incredible.
Alongside running my business, with the myriad of hats that I wear throughout the week I am also an elite powerlifter. I have been competing in the IPF Powerlifting federation for just over 1 year now and with this comes a committed training schedule. Training 5-6x per week my training sessions are on average 1.5-2 hours every day depending on if I need to do extra stretching and mobility work. I never question If I am going to train that day, the only question is when.. Regardless of if I have had 4 hours sleep or have zero motivation to do it, I get it done.  Why?
Because my goals are important to me. No one can ever really know the true extent to why your goals are so important to you but yourself. Whether you are trying to get into that wedding dress, lose that stubborn 5kg or forget the troubles of the day everyone has a reason as to why they want to achieve their goals.

Balancing your schedule to fit in all the tasks that you may have can feel daunting at times. It can feel like there are not enough hours in the day! However with a bit of forward planning and sacrifice every 24 hours can be used very wisely.



1. Schedule in your training sessions: as you would schedule in an appointment for the Dr. do the same with your training sessions. Don't make it an option to shuffle these around. 

2. Get help: if you are struggling to hold yourself accountable, get your training sessions in or simply don't know if you are making the most out of your training then get help! Hire an experienced trainer who has expertise with what you are wanting to achieve.

Although I am a trainer myself I employ the services of a coach to help me stay on track and offer the support that I need to be successful. 

3. Set goals: setting goals that are specific, measurable and relevant to you are important! Ho humming through your training with no direction can lead to time wasting, no urgency and half pie results. Remember your goals must be relevant to you. Give yourself a deadline and make goals real.

When I first started lifting weighs I had mini weekly goals. First to squat 50kg, next week 60kg and so on. Never would I have imagined that in less than two months I will be competing for Australia in the Commonwealth Championships.

4. Find a support group: surrounding yourself with like minded individuals that share the same passion and drive as you can be a huge influencing factor in your success. Barbell Babes Brigade is a prime example. Many of my girls did not know each other before they became a member of our squad. Many friendships have been forged which provides extra support, encouragement and that little extra push throughout the week


Managing your 24 hours:

1. Consider the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. How many hours are in that day? 

2. What tasks do you need to get done that day? (Work, cook, cleaning, training) 

3. What tasks can you eliminate for extra room?  

That 30 mins on Facebook in the morning, that extra 30 minutes on Facebook in the evening.

That 40 minutes wasted on some crappy TV show.
Going to the supermarket every 2 days instead of once per week.
Drink less on a Friday night so you can use the hours where you would be sleeping off a hangover on Saturday morning.
Procrastinating for 15 minutes lying on the couch to actually go to the gym.
Spending 2 hours making a complicated dinner when you could do an easier option. Sitting around while you take your daughter to soccer practice when you could be training yourself.

I guarantee that everyone somewhere has some time in their day where it could be used better. Finding an extra hour in your day 3-5x per week isn't a struggle. The struggle comes in facing up to the reality and recognising that you could actually be using this time better.

Prioritizing your goals around your life is crucial for your success. If you continue to come up with reasons as to why you cant train or reasons as to why you had to eat what you did then maybe your goals don't really mean that much to you?

If they are then you will find a way to do what you need to do.

Sometimes a dose of reality is all you need to get on with it!

Remember that your only cheating yourself, no one else.


Prioritize your goals and make dreams a reality. 


Ro x





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