Do you only feel as though you have worked hard if you leave the gym in a pool of sweat? Stress if you miss a training session? Feel unsuccessful when you can’t add extra weight to your lift each week? Or maybe every Monday, you train extra hard to burn the calories off from the weekend?

 No doubt I imagine many of you have seen various links on your facebook new feeds popping up;

 “10 Tips to start the new year looking and feeling the best you can”

“I don't have time to train” “Im too tired from work”.... When I meet a new client, often these types of statements get thrown out in conversation.   

There are 24 hours in one day and throughout that day you are faced to make many choices and decisions.

How will you use your 24 hours in that day. Wisely? Or throw it away?

I often get asked lots of questions surrounding supplementation and what is appropriate for females to use. Top of the list features questions surrounding protein powder. What protein should I use, when should I use it and will I gain weight?! With so many products on the market its no wonder we often get confused about supplementation. I dropped in to see Jord'enn from Nutrition Warehouse to help clarify some of these burning questions.

Despite the reputation that its a “guy” thing, strength training is an absolute must for any female that wants to build a strong, powerful, lean physique. The feeling of empowerment that comes from successfully completing a lift. The feeling of pride and determination that comes from consistently training and finding a routine. The feeling of satisfaction when you begin to see the physical changes from your hard work!

It's winter, its cold, the days are grey and the gym is quiet. 

Winter in Melbourne is pretty dire so far. Not gonna lie!

Sitting on the couch winding down from the day I start to think about what the week involved.