Hustle for that muscle”

“No pain No gain Shut up and train”

“Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret”

Insert a multitude of BS quotes here.......

We've all seen them, hell we have probably posted them at some point in time.

There is no shortage of “motivational quotes” running wild on social media. 

Why do these images make me cringe and produce what I imagine to be the opposite of the desired effect?

Because we do not have to sacrifice and suffer to be successful!

We do not need to hustle for that muscle every damn day. What we do however need to do is train consistently, sleep well, monitor our stress levels and fuel our bodies with the goodness it deserves.  Now that doesn't really have the same ring to it does it?!

No pain no gain- shut up and train. I don't think thats always appropriate. As a competitive powerlifter, training is very much a huge part of my life. If every time I went to the gym and busted my nut every single session there is no way I would continue to compete in the sport that I love.  I wouldn't be able to or want to maintain that intensity.

Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret. This just sounds horrible to me. Why do I need to suffer at all? Can I not make great progress with my strength, enjoy the process of moving my body and kick some huge goals off in the process?

I have been there- I have been that person that drops everything else in her life to chase after that shiny metaphorical trophy. You know where that got me? Tired, exhausted, mentally messed up and unhappy.

I get it, putting everything on the line.  Tunnel vision, hustle hustle hustle for those gains.  It can be exciting at the start. 

But it can also back fire and produce a hugely undesirable effect both physically and mentally.

The importance of resting the body and the mind, taking some down time and recharging is hugely underrated.

How can we produce our finest work and run at a high output if we are continually battering ourselves and not allowing our batteries to recharge?

Instead of chasing that hustle every day-why not focus on implementing effective strategies to create optimal output coupled with effective strategies that allow you to recharge on a regular basis.

Its time to STOP THE HUSTLE!

Its time to start living a life that we don't need to take a holiday away from. Its time to start living a life that allows us to produce the desired effect while not jeopardising our physical and mental well being.

We have periods of time where we need to hustle, but this cannot be sustained. 

How do you take time to recharge your batteries?





Stretching sequence. 

Breathing techniques.

A walk in nature.

Whatever may resonate with you- choose activities that allow you to stop and calm the mind.  Activities that allow you to take time from work, from training, from the commitments in your life.

Train hard. Work hard. Recover harder!

Coach Ro 

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