Barbell Babes Basics: Strength Training 101

Learn the fundamentals of strength training to give you confidence every single time you step onto the gym floor. We will teach you control in your lifting to keep your safe while performing movements.

Have you ever stepped foot in a commercial gym and felt uncomfortable? You've heard that you need to strength train to get the results you are after but have no confidence to go to the weights section- instead you retreat to the treadmills where you feel comfortable.

Over this 4 Week Phase you will work closely with our Coaches to learn how to lift safely and effectively for your goals. Whether your primary focus is fat loss or an increase in strength- both work beautifully together.

4 Week Phase Breakdown

Week 1: Setting your base line

Here you will work with your Coach to identify what areas of your movements need to be addressed. You will set your “base line” which will give you a starting point of how we are going to get you lifting correctly and safely.

Week 2: Understand how to perform squat bench and deadlift specifically for your body

We are all built differently and in turn this means we can lift weights differently. Building on Week 1 you will address the changes needed to get you moving appropriately.

Week 3: Appropriate progression will be applied

One of the biggest mistakes that many women make involves staying in their comfort zone. Doing the same thing over and over again which in turn does not force your body and strength to adapt and therefore change.

With the guidance of your Coach, appropriate progressions will be applied. This could include the increase of speed in your lift, an increase in weight or both.

Week 4: Reassess

Coming into Week 4 of this phase you will look to make another jump in progression. Using the knowledge that you have gained over the past 3 weeks you will look to step a into the unknown with the guidance and support of your Coach and squad.

By immersing yourself in a dedicated 4 Week Phase with a team of experienced Coaches, you will gain the confidence to step into any weights area, step up to the barbell and deadlift with ease. The feeling of achieving a personal best lift with the support of your community around you is like no other.

Who will benefit from this?

  • If you are completely new to strength training
  • Unsure if you are completing the movements correctly and safely
  • Have had time off training and need a technique overhaul
  • Coming back from injury

What will my 4 Week Phase look like?

  • 2x Strength Sessions with your Coach: Monday Thursday 730pm
  • 2x Conditioning sessions: Wednesday 730pm Saturday 900am
  • 1x Success Tracking Workbook
  • 1x Barbell Babes Tank
  • 3x Barbell Babes Brigade E-books
  • Access to private support forum with your Coaches there to ask all questions

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